An Egg-cellent Way to Close Out the Season!

Powderhorn Easter Egg Hunt

Celebrate Easter Sunday & Closing Day at Powderhorn on Sunday, April 4th, 2021

Powderhorn is closing out one of it's longest operating seasons ever with Closing Day falling on Easter Sunday this year. Join us and celebrate Easter with an all-ages Easter Egg Hunt on the mountain. We're hiding over 1,000 eggs around the resort and on the mountain!

How to Join

Whether you're a day ticket purchaser, a Season Pass holder, 8 years old, or 80 years old, you are invited to take part in the Powderhorn Easter Egg Hunt. This event is FREE to participate, although you will need a ticket or pass to access the mountain. 

The Easter Egg Hunt will start at 9am on Sunday, April 4th, and will continue until closing at 4pm. Eggs will be hidden throughout the resort, including the base area, both sides of the mountain, in the trees, and around the children's learning zones.

What's Inside

We are hiding over 1000 eggs around the resort, containing prizes ranging from candy, to giftcards, to one lucky egg containing a 21.22 MISSION: AFFORDABLE Season Pass! 


The rules are pretty simple:
  • BYOB (bring your own basket).
  • Find an egg, it's yours, no swiping eggs from other guests.
  • Eggs cannot be gathered until 9am on Sunday, April 4th. Any early egg poaching (no pun intended) will result in loss of prizes.
  • Some eggs may require a visit to Guest Services to pick-up a prize, make sure to visit Guest Services prior to 4pm to redeem a prize. Unclaimed prizes will not be saved and cannot be claimed after 4pm on April 4th. 
  • Do not throw eggs from the chairlift, or at other guests. 
  • Please bring back empty egg shells to Guest Services so they can be recycled, or take them home, but please do not discard eggs on the ground around the lodge, in the parking lots, or on the mountain. 
  • The 21.22 Season Pass is valid for the redeeming guest only, non-transferrable, no cash value. 
  • Employees, spouses of employees, or household dependents of employees of Powderhorn Mountain Resort or Pacific Group Resorts are not elligible to win the 21.22 Season Pass.
Happy Hunting!

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