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Ski Like a Girl In Colorado by Kristen Lummis,

Ski Like a Girl In Colorado
by Kristen Lummis,

Welcome to Powderhorn!

Ski Like a Girl In Colorado
Kristen Lummis

I’ll readily admit that when I was a younger, I didn’t want to ski like a girl. Instead, I wanted to ski with the boys and beat them. Skiing like a girl sounded kind of wimpy to me.

My how times have changed.

Now, that I’m older (and wiser), I love skiing with my girlfriends. And I think lots of other women do, too.

It’s not that we don’t like skiing with our husbands, boyfriends and other guys. We do. But there’s a different energy when you a group of women get together on snow.

From Groomed to Glades

I experienced this energy first-hand at Powderhorn Mountain Resort on a snowy day in January when I dropped in for a “Ski Like a Girl” clinic.

Open to women of all abilities, “Ski Like a Girl” meets once a week for four weeks. Participants are divided according to their ability and goals. On the day I visited, 12” of snow had fallen overnight, so everyone shared the same goal: ski powder.

As we rode up the new high-speed lift, one of the participants, a woman named Mary, shared that she had only recently begun skiing and was uncomfortable off of groomed terrain. She told us she was nervous, if not scared, about the new snow.

Still, she was totally game to try.

By the end of the morning, Mary had skied her first glade. Not only was she more comfortable in deep snow than at the start of the day, but she’d learned how to control her speed and maneuver in widely spaced trees.

With a smile a mile wide, Mary came roaring out of a glade called Yoo Hoo. Filled with exuberance and joy, she wiped out in a huge pile of fluffy snow.

We all cheered.

Laughing as she righted herself, Mary exclaimed “That was my first glade. I would never have skied it without this group.”

We all cheered again.

Why Ski Like a Girl

When I asked the women at Powderhorn why they were participating in “Ski Like A Girl,” they each emphasized improving their skiing and snowboarding skills.

Many of them started skiing as adults, often with a boyfriend or husband. And while they enjoyed skiing enough to keep at it, they were ready to ski or ride on their own terms.

One of the most interesting answers I got was from Nell, an avid skier and flyfisher.

“I took a women’s flyfishing clinic last summer,” she explained. “I was forced to do everything myself, from choosing the fly to deciding how to cast. I loved it and decided that I’d like to experience that same self-sufficiency in skiing.”

Why It Works

Research shows that men and women learn differently and that women often thrive in collaborative environments. Even if they are strangers, women enjoy nurturing one another.

Stephanie Reynolds, Powderhorn Ski and Snowboard Manager and PSIA Examiner, explains it this way.

“I’m passionate about Ski Like a Girl because it’s an opportunity to support other women in improving and enhancing their skiing skills. 

“Women are going in a million different directions taking care their family and others, so this program is a way for women to do something for themselves. 

“We celebrate achievements, create friendships and explore all types of terrain in a supportive, non-competitive environment.”

And did I mention that we cheer?

Women’s Clinics in Colorado

No matter where you ski in Colorado, you can find plenty of supportive, fun and challenging programs for women. Some of these programs are multi-day (or week), but most welcome one-time drop-ins. Others are single day events. For more information check the resort websites.

Arapahoe Basin: Legendary Ladies – Alpine Ski, Telemark and Snowboard Series

Aspen Snowmass: Women’s Edge Four-Day Lesson Program

Copper Mountain: Women’s Wednesdays

Crested Butte: Women’s Tips on Tuesdays

Eldora: Women’s Days

Loveland: Women’s Wednesday

Monarch: Women’s Edventures; Women’s Wednesdays

Powderhorn: Ski Like a Girl

Purgatory: Women’s Ski Weekend

Silverton: Book a private guide for a group of female friends

Steamboat: Women’s Ski Camp

Telluride: Women’s Ski and Wellness Week

Wolf Creek: Ladies Ski and Snowboard Clinics