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Powderhorn's Ski and Ride Center offers expert instruction from PSIA/AASI Certified pros. We are proud of our personal approach, low-key atmosphere and affordable pricing. If you are looking to learn a new sport, improve your skills or challenge yourself to become the best skier or snowboarder that you can, the Ski and Ride Center has the staff to help you achieve your goals.

Meet the Coaches:

Kate Belknap


Certification: Alpine III, Telemark III, CS I

Years Teaching: 24

Discipline(s): Alpine, Telemark

What makes you tick? Doing what I LOVE, which involves sliding on snow and sharing it with others!

Favorite Run: Upper Misery ->Diversion->Hooker Trees->Face of Hooligan

What is your teaching specialty? Hopefully I do it all well.

Austin Hadley

Certification: Snowboard Level II

Years Teaching: 9

Discipline(s): Snowboard, Alpine, Telemark

What’s for breakfast? Coffee

Favorite Run: B-L-E-M or Mudslide

What is your teaching specialty? Inspiring High Levels of Stoke

Aaron Danger Janss

Nickname:  Ajax

Certification:  "Born Skier"

Years Teaching:  4

Discipline:  Ski and Snowboard

What makes you tick?  My heart

Favorite Run:  Broken Heart - Moonlight Basin

What is your teaching specialty?  Taking people who know how to ski and make them faster.

Chuck Johnson

Certification: Level II Alpine

Years Teaching: 28

Discipline(s): Alpine

What's on your iPod right now? Classic Rock and Country

Favorite Run: Mad Dog Glade

What is your teaching specialty? Anyone that needs to overcome fears and others that wants to rise to the next level of skiing excellence

Stephen Latta

Nickname: Latta

Certification: Degree: Exercise Science- Sports Administration; Minor: Coaching; ASEP Coaching

Years Teaching: 5

Discipline(s): Snowboarding

What makes you tick? My passions! Soccer, Snowboarding, Sportbike

What's on your MP3 Player? Electronic Dance Music (FIST PUMPIN!)

Favorite Run: THE NUT! Bills to Lower Equalizer to Midway Parks

What is your teaching specialty?  My teaching specialty is any level of rider who is motivated and enthusiastic about snowboarding as much as I am. If you’re a beginner and excited to learn or if you’re an advanced rider and excited to learn, I’m excited to teach you. Lower levels, upper levels, all mountain, or park! Bring it! 

Lucas H. Martin

Nickname: Luke

Certification: PSIA Level 3, Eastern Education Staff

Years Teaching:  24

Discipline:  Alpine

What's for breakfast:  Oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, Hazelnut Coffee

Favorite Run:  Avalanche

Secret Stash:  West Wind

Powder or Park?  PowDA

What is your teaching specialty?  I like helping those that want to improve.

Sarah Summers

Nickname: Belagio

Years Teaching: 3

Discipline(s): Snowboarding

What makes you tick?  Good coffee, good friends, good food, good powder, goodies!
What's on your iPod right now? I prefer to listen to nature and the sound that my board makes in the snow. I feel closer to the mountain when I am riding in its element.

Favorite Run: Mudslide

Secret stash: Picnic Rock

What is your teaching specialty? Teaching beginners safety and control on a board.

Sylvia Wilhelm

Certification: Level I

Years Teaching: 4

Discipline(s): Alpine

What makes you tick? Fun and creativity

Powder or Park? Powder!!!!!

What is your teaching specialty?  Making you feel comfortable on your skies and having fun.