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Kid Olympics

Kid Olympics

Enjoy Powderhorn's Kid Olympics!
Check-in: 9am
Start: 11am
End: 2 pm
Cost: Free
PHAST, Powder Sprouts, Powder Cats: All participants will go through the course showing off the skills they acquired throughout the season!
Open to public!

Course: This 4 part event will consist of one full lap on the Easy Rider Lift. Bonus laps encouraged!
Part 1: Bean Bag Curling (Easy Rider Lift Line)

  • It's really just corn hole...because everyone likes corn hole! No broom required. 

Part 2: Arial Egg Drop (On the Easy Rider Lift)

  • Participants will drop an egg off the lift to the designated landing zone! 

Part 3: Mini Slalom Skiing (EZ Run) 

  • Zoom through the Mini Slalom Course!

Park 4: Biathlon (Nerf Gun) Shootout

  • Targets are no match for the Nerf gun!

Award Ceremony: Throughout the Day at the bottom of the Easy Rider lift - document the athleticism! 

See you there!