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The Snowball Sweepstakes

The Snowball Sweepstakes

Grand Junction Rotary Club presents the Snowball Sweepstakes at Powderhorn Mountain Resort

On March 2nd, 2019 at 3:00 PM, up to 100 gigantic red exercise balls will be rolled down a course on the slopes at Powderhorn Mountain Resort. Prior to the event, tickets are sold for only $5 that allows the buyer to adopt two of the red balls. The first two balls down the course win that ticket holder $5,000! The second pair to finish wins that ticket holder $2,000 and the third pair wins that ticket holder $1,000.

Buy your tickets for only $5 from a Rotarian or a Red Ball Express non-profit partner to get your chance to win CASH and to support good local causes at the same time!

Stay tuned for info on where to purchase tickets.