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Battle of Powderhorn - Paint Ball Scenario

What is Scenario Paintball
Scenario paintball is a type of game in which players participate in a scenario, or story; and may include historical re-enactments, futuristic or video game simulations. Games tend to last in the range of hours or days, and may include a large group of players.

The Scenario - Battle of Powderhorn
The year is 2114, and a meteor impact has broken off massive chunks of the polar ice caps into the oceans,  causing massive tsunami  waves which have leveled major coastal cities around the world. In the chaos following the disaster, sea levels have continued to rise quickly and violently, forcing survivors to retreat to ever higher and higher elevations. All major world powers have collapsed and have been replaced by regional coalitions and alliances of states and nations which have pooled their resources to survive and escape the coming flood.

What was once the United States of America quickly devolved into two rival factions, separated only by the rocky mountains, the West Coast Coalition, and the Atlantic Alliance, who now battle each other for control of the Highlands in an area called “the Powderhorn”.

Little known to either side, an elusive group of Coloradan soldiers know as “the Highlanders” lie in wait for them.

Which Faction will prove victorious? Which will hoist their flag in triumph over Powderhorn? That is up to you! Who will you fight for? The West Coast Coalition horde or the Atlantic Alliance Army?

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Pricing Price
Battle of Powderhorn $70
Team of 5 players $300
Team of 10 players $600
Paintballs Price
Valken Redepmtion (2,000 per case) $50
Box of 100 First Strike rounds $45
Rental Price
Equipment (per day)
(marker, air tank, mask)
To reserve rental equipment, please contact Goose at commonwealthgoose@gmail.com

Minimum Age to participate is 12 years old
All participants must sign a liability form

Schedule (subject to change)
7:00 AM       Registration, paint sales, HPA tank fills and chrono station open
8:00 AM       Player breakfast, Rules and Safety Meeting
9:15 AM       Field of Play Gates Open, Players take field
10:00 AM     Game Phase 4 - ON
12:00 PM     Game Phase 4 - OFF, Scores posted,1.5 hour lunch break
1:30 PM       Game Phase 5 - ON
4:00 PM       Game Phase 5 - OFF, Scores posted
5:00 PM       Game Phase 6 - Final Battle -ON
6:00 PM       Game Phase 6 - Final Battle - OFF
6:30 PM       Player Dinner, debriefing and awards

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Sunday, August 3, 2014 -
8:00am to 6:30pm
Snow Report: 970.268.5300