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Seasonal Employment Details

This is the first step in our recruiting process - your chance to be pre-qualified* for a position during the upcoming ski season.  Pre-qualification requires submission of a completed application for review by our hiring managers. 

Please note the following requirements for all open positions:

• Must have reliable transportation – keep in mind that all employees must be at work on time, regardless of inclement weather
• Must agree to a background check as part of the pre-qualification process


Background Checks

Powderhorn has carefully considered the nature of its business, including the significant public contact required by all positions, and has determined that the following may preclude an individual from employment with the Company:

• Felony convictions
o Murder or other crimes of a violent nature
o Possession with the intent to sale/distribute illegal substances
o Sexual offenses listed on the National Sex Offender Registry
o Other felony convictions specific to the positions for which you are applying (i.e.., theft convictions for positions that require handling money)
• Misdemeanor convictions
o Crimes of a violent nature
o Specific to the position applied for (i.e.., traffic violations for positions that require driving)
• A consistent pattern of illegal/criminal behavior over time, regardless of the type and severity of the offenses
• Reporting probation for any prior felony or misdemeanor conviction
• Open and/or pending cases, including a deferred judgment

Although a disqualification is possible, a previous conviction does not automatically disqualify an applicant from consideration for employment with the Company. Depending on a variety of factors (i.e.., the nature of the position, the nature of the conviction, age of the candidate when the illegal activity occurred), the applicant may still be eligible for employment.  Therefore, all applicants will be given an opportunity to review adverse results of criminal background checks, and may choose to submit a written explanation or official/court documentation for additional consideration.

Please note that background checks will only be conducted on individuals that receive a conditional offer of employment.

* Only pre-qualified applicants will be invited to the November Hiring Fair.

If you meet these basic requirements, please click here to continue.  You will be taken to the Employment Application packet - just print/complete and send in the packet:
• Scan/e-mail to
• Fax to 970-268-5737
• Mail to Powderhorn HR, PO Box 250, Mesa, CO 81643