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Skiing and Snowboarding Ability Levels

The Powderhorn Ski and Ride Center is committed to helping you get the most out of your lesson or clinic. To ensure that you get in the right class, please review the following skiing and snowboarding ability levels. While we are excited to work with skiers and riders of all levels, some of our clinics, especially for children, are limited to certain abilities. 

If you have any questions, please call the Ski Powderhorn Ski and Ride Center at 970-268-5700, ext. 2080 or email us at


Level One

First time on skis

Level Two

You ski in a wedge stance on easy terrain and can stop

Level Three

You can make a round wedge turn on easy terrain

Level Four

You can make a round wedge turn with your skis matching at the finish of a turn

Level Five

Your skis are parallel most of the time on easy intermediate terrain

Level Six

Your skis are parallel throughout the turn with a pole touch. You ski intermediate terrain comfortably

Level Seven

Your skis are parallel throughout the turn and you are comfortable in small bumps

Level Eight

You ski parallel on steeper terrain and feel comfortable in moguls on intermediate to advanced runs

Level Nine

You ski aggressively on all types of terrain and want to master a variety of skiing situations on advanced runs


Introduction to Snowboarding

First time ever on a snowboard

Beginning Snowboarding

Snowboarder can perform a skidded traverse in both directions and stop
The rider is beginning direction changes and can perform skidded traverses and garlands in both directions with confidence

Intermediate Snowboarding

The rider can turn in both directions with speed control and is working towards linking turns and is beginning to exhibit vertical motion
The rider is linking skidded turns with good speed control and shape, and is seeking more challenging terrain. Rhythm is evident in the riding

Advanced Snowboarding

The rider is confident on most blue terrain under good conditions and is beginning to carve turns
The rider is comfortable on all intermediate terrain under good conditions. He or she is fine tuning carved turns and is seeking more challenging terrain, including bumps, as well as varying snow conditions.

Expert Snowboarding

The rider is confident performing carved turns and is refining technique in all snow conditions and terrain
The snowboarder can ride the entire mountain with confidence and ease, enjoys non-stop runs, and is working on the fine points; efficiency, turn shape, exploring the extremes of riding

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