Peace Park Cheese and Steeze Slopestyle Contest

From February 22, 2020 9:00am until February 22, 2020 4:00pm

Powderhorn's first Slopestyle competition of the season!

This competition will judge skiers and snowboarders on their style, amplitude, and trick difficulty in the Upper Peace Park. Each participant will have three opportunities to link their best run through Upper Peace, with the top two scoring runs used for their final score. 


Entry fee will be $10 per participant. Helmets will be mandatory for all participants. Registration is open and available here:


There will be 8 divisions participants can choose to be in based on their ability, gender, and age. Trick limitations are described below:

Green Snowboard: 

  • Grom's Division, ages 12 and younger snowboarding only

Blue Snowboard: 

  • No more than a 360 for spins, no inverts, and no spinning onto rails

Black Snowboard:

  • Anything goes

Women's Snowboard:

  • Anything goes, snowboarding only, female only division

Green Ski: 

  • Grom's Division, ages 12 and younger skiing only 

Blue Ski: 

  • No more than a 360 for spins, no inverts, and no spinning onto rails

Black Ski:

  • Anything goes

Women's Ski:

  • Anything goes, skiing only, female only division


*Disclaimer - divisions may change day of event depending on number of sign ups in each division.*


Schedule for the Day

Registration and Mandatory Check In: 8:30am - 10am in lobby of lodge

Mandatory Participant Meeting: 10:30am on deck @ Sunset Grill 

Competition will start at 11am with GREEN SNOWBOARD at Upper Peace Park and will proceed in the order above. 

Awards and Pizza: 3pm @ Powderhorn Pub 


If you are interested in sponsoring the event please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for the support!


 Registration is open and available here:

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